Project JJ

A robot project under JMoon Labs.

About Project JJ

Project JJ is the brain child of Jasmeet Singh (founder of, JMoon MakerSpace and JMoon Labs), first imagined in early-2009, with 7 different versions and capabilities. "JJ" is short for Junior Jasmeet, and was also the name of the first step (J.J. Corp.) that led to creation of JMoon Technologies Pvt. Ltd..
Since 2009, technology has finally caught up to the imagination and detailed drawings of Jasmeet, which is why in October 2017 work on Project JJ has finally commenced!

A brief timeline of the project:
January-February 2009: The first sketches of JJ0, JJ1, JJ2, JJ3, JJ4, JJ5, and JJ6 were drawn.
June 2009: Jasmeet finds out about a field called "robotics" and starts his first robotics course.
August 2010: After graduating from engineering and wanting to continue the journey into robotics, but not finding a suitable masters course in India for students from Computer Science background, Jasmeet joins the M.Sc. program at Department of Computer Science, University of Delhi (DUCS).
August 2011: Due to dumb luck, Jasmeet starts his solo master's research project in robotics at the department of computer science at a level that had not been attempted there before. It is also the last time a robotics research project was done at DUCS.
March 2013: After not getting admission in Ph.D. programs for robotics in US, Jasmeet decides to start what he imagined doing after his Ph.D., i.e., start his robotics company and bring the JJ series of robots to life. Instead of applying again for Ph.D., a time of 5 years is allocated to start work on the project.
July 2013: JMoon Technologies is founded, and named such because of Jasmeet's Moonshots!
January 2014: To tackle the 1st problem on the way to Project JJ, of not getting international hardware easily in India at low prices, is started with exactly that aim.
June 2014: Realizing that Project JJ cannot be a solo venture, like all his previous robotic projects, Jasmeet decides to look for the right people who could add to his own skills, but could not find the right people at the time. This became the 2nd problem to solve.
September 2014: Taking inspiration from the maker culture in US, JMoon MakerSpace is started as India's first tech makerspace to find the right kind of people; and JMoon Labs is established to train students in colleges. Both of these combined would help narrow down people who could have the right talent and temperament to eventually end up as part of the team to build JJ.
December 2016: Teaching under JMoon Labs is stopped.
May 2017: Jasmeet visits the Silicon Valley, and realizes that a recenty discarded project at JMoon Makerspace, could be added to Project JJ and so it was finally time to seriously get going. Another realization was of how had not grown as much as it should have in the past 3 years, though yearly sales had always more than doubled from the sales of the year before; and number of products had gone from 30 to 350 in 3 years, that number had not grown much for almost past 6 months.
June 2017: The goal is set to turn from being the cheapest online robotic store of India, to the biggest AND cheapest store!
October 2017: Work on Project JJ begins!
November 2017: is shut down after 2 years of successful operations since 21st July 2015. Products are brought over to to help streamline inventory management, invoice generation process after GST implementation, and to make sure that all available resources and efforts can instead be focused on Project JJ going forward.
December 2017: At this time RoboRium is the official distributor and reseller in India for products like Conductive-ink pens, Humanoids and their motors, Thermoplastic, 3D Printers for beginners and professionals, Odroid, Orange Pi, Educational robots, and A LOT of other cool stuff, with more products coming in from around the world. All this, so far, brings the number of products on RoboRium to 700+. It's safe to say, hardware resources and manufacturing capabilities needed for Project JJ will not be a problem. RoboRium is also the official supplier of parts to SRM Team Humanoid, and for the Nino Humanoids in India.

Project JJ's Features

We're still not ready to reveal all the features, but hey, you're probably a roboticist too, tell us what features you'd put into a robot via the Contact form below. Why don't you join our team to help build this? We're always looking for people with new ideas.
Here's what we can reveal:

It'll be cool!

Like this rocket.

It'll have an interface

For you to interact with it.

It'll be Engineered... perfection, for B2B and B2C clients.

It'll see the world!

In a way that only it will understand.

It'll work like magic!

But will be created with pure engineering and science.

It'll cover a lot!

We'll add as many features to it as possible.

Contact Us

Tell us about the feature(s) you think a household robot should have. What chores would you like it to do? How would you like to interact with it? Got more ideas? Email us on any time!